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and 480 kilometers exactly one day ahead of the met. her her. we're in brussels where the tour de france will start this year tomorrow these 13 women set off from here now they're making last minute preparations sorting out their helmets jerseys and shoes so. it is like this. you have to create everybody decked out anyone need to digest plus. what this is a day this is all legal it's all natural ingredients these are food supplements. that just. clear florrie is the one behind the don on his old field project which roughly translates to let's get women on bikes she's been doing the tour de france
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every years since 2015 no matter the circumstances. i don't do they were the 1st time we did the 2 or they were just 3 of us and we didn't know if we'd budgeted enough money on the trip we stayed the family is called meals and washed out jerseys by hand every evening. when it was just on my you know it was do it yourself basically did you that was a real adventure since a couple. things have become much more professional in recent years. and now the women have a sponsor without this financial support they'd be hardly able to pay for their bike equipment and accommodation. none of the women are professional cyclists clara for example works as a sports teacher and organizes this competition in her spare time. because i receive organizing all this is exhausting but it's ok because it's my passion right now it leaves me little free time for anything else because i'm totally focused on
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this project. but in one or 2 years when there will hopefully be a women's tour de france it will have paid off. as it's actually think in book. in central brussels the morning before the race that women are preparing to set off . tomorrow just a few 100 metres from here the belgian king will send off the men competing in the tour de france. a and then somewhat unceremoniously there off. unlike during the actual tour de france the roads are not blocked off to cars so they must carefully we in our group rapid eye and there is much less pomp and glamour than during the men's race they have to deal with red lights on coming cars and other challenges. the women will cover
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a distance of 3480 kilometers cycling through the. the pyrenees and the alps climbing to an altitude of 2770 meters but it's not about setting new records all these women cyclists want is to be treated with the same respect as their male peers. i started cycling as a sport late when i was 24. and at some points i realised that i'd never seen a women's peloton on t.v. . even though there are plenty of women involved in competitive cycling but they never feature on t.v. i wanted to change that. some hardcore cycling fans have already gathered along the route to get a good view of the men's tour de france quite a few are impressed by the women taking on this challenge. 2 for the sake of the men get all the backing attention they could hopeful but the
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women don't receive enough. whether that's why we're here to cheer them on good enough want to see it like a. anyone up for it can even cycle along with them for part of the journey everyone's invited no matter their gender. i think they have a point why is there thought of most for men and not for women surely there's room for both. cycling along with the women has become really popular now for security reasons only 100 athletes are allowed on the road at any one time when i know my mom has so many cyclists have joined us it's amazing that means our message is being heard and that's a fantastic feeling this official get. for days and 650 kilometers later we're in sandy aid in the voters' mountains a tough section lies ahead. but thankfully claire is in great shape and up for the
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challenge in fact just 2 weeks ago she competed in the french cycling championships . but it's not a steep climb but it drags on. unlike the men who get nutritious snacks passed on to them on the go the women have to pull over to eat. that along with navigating road traffic slows them down considerably meaning that they need almost twice the time then do for a day's stage. a small team of volunteers accompanies the women on their journey helping with preparations. we even think that this is the 2nd year now that oscar meyer has signed up to support them. and he even took a break from his student job so we could be here but it's a race against the clock during these 3 weeks we help the women the more time they have to recuperate. carbohydrate heavy food and fruit give them the necessary
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energy to get back on that bike or else about why so fast things have been go ahead all right but we still have half of the climb a head of us the toughest bit is still to come the new coalitions there. and look for stability of really stink we'll see. every day the women spend 8 to 9 hours biking that obviously takes its toll with muscle cramps and the like a common problem luckily they have got 3 physio therapist on the team travelling with them when needed they set up their massage tables in the hotel always in the evenings they're super busy giving the women are up down. yeah richard reeves the moment yesterday was a hot day we cycled for 215 kilometers and the last in line she was really painful legends of our muscles got all tense but now i'm getting my toxins message out of
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my muscles so i'll be ready for tomorrow. and they're not the rush it. though with their busy schedule they don't always have time for an evening rubdown often they meet local sports clubs and even mayors after a day's cycling like here and all see for example it tends to garner them admiration though sometimes people doubt they'll pull off the whole tour they're going to think will make it to the end but we've been doing this for 5 years and so far only one participant ever gave up that's one out of 22 in the last 4 years 22 made it to the finish line. so there's no reason to believe all 13 of us won't make it this year but. maybe if it were known that the women always need to prove themselves because people tend to think that minimal capable this is. day 2 in the bush this year clare and her fellow female
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cyclists are supported by an international women's team that leads from england the u.s. and australia. australia's paper lion did not mind travelling this far to participate. along the road her 11 month old son is there to cheer her on. since having him it's maybe even more important to me to just show to the next generation boys and girls that women can do exactly the same as men yes we can do things as foster is strong but we can do it and we can do it really well c. each year there are more and more people calling for there to be an official women's tour de france but so far these demands have fallen on deaf ears. even though back in the 1980 s. the organizers did one stage a women's race along with the men's but then rescheduled the event and that was the end of it christiane predominate charge of the tour de france doesn't want to tell
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us what he thinks about this instead he sends this statement mr pradelle moretti answered many times questions about the possibility of organizing during the tour de france a tour de france for women the answer is still the same organizing another race in the same time birthrate weeks is logistically not possible. there is some truth in this the tour de france is the world's 3rd biggest sporting event 4500 helpers are needed just to prepare the route and almost 30000 police officers and firemen are on duty to maintain security and some say that staging another race just requires too much work. but the real apology o. the president of the international cycling union thinks a women's competition could be a great success so. we will have to work on a solution and examine the technical problems and circumstances i think we can address
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these challenges and i am convinced that women's cycling can appeal to a lot audience if you know you and any female athletes will finally get the recognition they deserve you get to shag the sport about your ex told the good news is that in 2014 the tour de france organizers did begin staging a one day women's race during the men's competition but for clare that's not enough . i asked myself why should we be happy with a one day race when we are capable of going for days at the several stages days and weeks one day race is not comparable to one that goes over several stages because of the time cycling takes develop and it's something different for viewers to and from a sports perspective as well so i think women are entitled to a proper right. the. officer then always she was offered for no much hard work still lies ahead of the cyclists even though they've mastered the 1st steep
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stages. there's still a long way until they reach their final destination. and it will also take a long time until there's a proper women's tour de france but giving up is out of the question. like them for workers or fish this is the 5th time i'm doing this and i hope i don't have to keep going for another 15 months because it certainly is hard work and it gets harder by the year for the info i mean besides i want to start a family at some point the good news is should i stop others will take my place course in charlotte all the. mood.
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just a little began to say this has made its luxury of choosing the time just a little longer just a little wider but is that a little to do you think european roads. thanks small businessman alex new t.t.s. can take as was told. try next. this is a very different line up with the theme behind the. gemini
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funded. movement. of forrester equivalent to the soccer pitches is cleared every. hour consumerism is causing a radical depletion of forests. for 25. or has it. forests and money.
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tragic reality behind the exploitation starts july 24th. hello and welcome to drive a v.w. motor magazine today the race of the century the formula visit switzerland. not small or cute just sporting the audi t.t. yes. and mercedes new giant the g.l.'s. in the u.s. more specifically in utah we have our 1st encounter with a 2nd generation of the g.l.'s from are seats in the vast open spaces even the 7
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seater looks tiny but don't be fooled it has grown by 8 centimeters to an impressive 5.21 meters long and 1.95 why. it's just what a lot of american and chinese customers were asking for but hard to imagine how this will cope with the narrow streets and car parks in european city. even so how do other mode of journalists like the new g.l.'s we collected some 1st impressions. thomas says what he particularly notices about the new g.l.'s is that it is relatively agile for its size that's probably because of its new suspension technology and that's even true compared to the g.o.p. which has a shorter wheelbase and is a little more agile but for this long wheel base he thinks it's still fun to drive and when it comes to comfort especially thanks to the air suspension it's near the
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top of his class. but hillary says his mercedes benz likes to call the g.l.'s the s. class among issues and she thinks that's a really good comparison and has just about every feature it has a very attractive design that still radiates elegance i'm really impressed obviously with the transition to the new plate full i had driven g o e so i had a pretty good idea that it would be an improvement but the offer of a feel of the saw as he drives a lot more exciting than the old one well it's huge i mean i saw it for the 1st time about wow driving this in europe it's yeah i can imagine it's more for the american market it's big it's very big. technically the g.o.'s is closely related to its smaller brother the g l e they share a platform but the g.o.'s are. 25 centimeters longer both as she told her built in the us. is that a square ship with the old one is more round now so personally i like it more
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because it's more in proportion and that's really the rear. end that not only looks good it also offers a maximum load capacity of 2400 leaders. yet well they they definitely renewed the interior out like that deflated the center console with the new shapes of the of the of the adventures. the interior is like typical in the state is they're rolling the interiors these days. the $212.00 inch displays are already standard on the g.o.'s what's really relaxing are the various massage programs which can be selected on the right display passengers in the rear can conveniently operate their seat functions such as air conditioning and massage using a detachable tablet of course voice control is also possible. cities. like to go to salt lake city. starting
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around. salt lake city is not a research says the workmanship is trot notch as expected the materials are beautiful and she likes the way you're really can choose what you want technologically the vehicle has everything you need what she likes is that you can hold on here in the middle and have that gives it a bit of a s.u.v. flavor. alongside the 270 kilowatt 3 leader in line 6 cylinder gasoline engine which will not be available in western europe for c.d.s. is offering the g.o.'s 588 v 8 with 360 kilowatts of power and a whopping $700.00 newton metres of torque that allows it to sprint from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.3 seconds despite weighing 2 and a half. and europe to diesel versions with $210.24 kilowatts will be the 1st on the market. in the issue was very impressed with the
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v.a. even thinks it's well matched to the american road america these are new vigor i'd say and it's not that i am so but it's tidy it's resolved has good steering feel it feels balanced and feel safe but it's very much looking forward to driving the speak a lot of my own roads of new zealand just somewhat different to what we fond of the you've got it states well i had the 580 and i think it's a very specially with the e.q. boost engine so i think i'm actually more more excited about the names you come in . small cars are often cute but seldom fast this car is the exception bright orange with ford tailpipes that gives just a hint of the form we take a look at the audi t.t.'s.
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card tester julia marino says outing is giving the t.t. a facelift 4 years after it went on the market they focused on 3 main areas design performance and equipment today we're testing the new t.n.t. and it's t.t.s. form to see what has changed. from the front that t.t.'s looks white dominated by the mighty single frame grill and large air intakes on the side. and integrated from philip side skirts and a wide diffuser emphasize the sportiness of the audi t.t. as coupe a from every angle and that's nowhere more evident than from behind where ford tailpipes and eric outlets tell motorists they might have trouble keeping up. ready ready
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julian says with $225.00 kilowatts instead of $228.00 the new t.t.s. is actually less powerful than its predecessor this is due to the particulate filter for the new european emission standard but that doesn't really matter because the new engine has about 22 meters more toward. the $2.00 lead or kiev as high has a maximum torque of $400.00 newton metres giving it is 0 to 100 kilometers per hour time of just 4.5 seconds the top speed is electronically limited to 250 kilometers per hour prices for the t.t.s. group a started $54400.00 euros in germany. he says 9 out of the 10000 customers have ordered their car with a dual clutch transmission that's why audi decided to drop the manual transmission completely for the facelift that's good because the new s. tronic was 7 instead of 6 gears shifts extremely well it's lightning fast and
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surprisingly convenient. the interior is high quality and kept. the audi t.t.'s who prays control center takes over the dashboard everything can be found here this eliminates a conventional infotainment display in the middle. as sports seats are standard and they give actual on hold and powerful acceleration or and dynamic cornering. once again audi is calling the t.t.s. kookery a 2 plus 2 seater and with good reason not a 4 seater there's no point in look. for a room here instead the 2 rear seats serve as storage space for a bag or the like under the large tailgate is the trunk over all the t.t.s. has
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a storage volume of 305 to 712 liter. he says you have to admit the t.t.s. is a real sports car it's very good on the road steers really well and has a real talent for the curves. thanks to all wheel drive and t.t.'s is able to stay in control even in which conditions it's good suspension also helps as it does without exaggerated firmness even in dynamic mode. and you get up julian says there's not much to complain about but outings refinement comes at a high cost $54400.00 euros for $225.00 kilowatts by comparison 452000 euros you can get a b.m.w. m 240 guy extra with 6 cylinders that.
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both swag and his 7 groundbreaking record woods i.d.r. the goodwood festival of speed in southern england for the 1st time an electric racing car was faster than a formula one racing car. covered the 1.86 kilometer race track and 39.90 seconds in the 500 kilowatt hour lecrae gray's car improving on a longstanding best time by 1.9 seconds. b.m.w. has unveiled the 1st fully electric many it combines environmentally conscious driving pleasure with the dynamics of an electric drive the electric motor produces $135.00 kilowatts and the vehicle has a range of 235 kilometers though that depends on how much driving pleasure you have on the way the battery is housed in the vehicle floor to achieve a sporty low center of gravity and it doesn't affect luggage while you.
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are. filling in france is one of the top events when it comes to car design it takes place at the chateau de sean tony or chantilly palace every 2 years always alternating with a classic this year the event so liberates its 5th anniversary prototypes in classic cars are presented to a panel of experts here in the hopes of winning a prize. producers like lexus also use the event to display their very own art projects the main attraction is probably this multicolored new acts by german urban artist when a touring the you spray paint to transform the car into a unique work of art. he
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says his goal was to reflect time through color so we use the colors lex's use when it was founded look back in 1809 he also used extreme colors to which are supposed to reflect dynamism that the here and now. other predations by other artists some of which were even finished on strike can be seen . as special reason to celebrate for alexis it's elsie convertible concept is being awarded the price. books wagon can take joy from receiving a prize to the id buggy concept.


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